Timeline of Colonialism

1757 = Start of colonialism in India

1829 = Certain Indian social or religious practices outlawed by the British

1857 to 1858 = Sepoy Mutiny, Indian Rebellion of 1857-58 (Crushed by mid-1858)

1885 = The Indian National Congress founded for educated Indians to voice their opinions

1905 = The British partitioned Bengal, and so provoked the first major resistance against them

1919 = The Punjab disturbances and the notorious massacre by General Dyer marked nation-wide movement against the British

1920 to 1922 = Gandhi led the non-cooperation movement against the British

1930 to 1931 = Gandhi also led a camapaign of civil disobedience against the British

1942 = Gandhi issued the call to the British to 'Quit India'

15 August 1947 = India gained independence form British rule