Impact on India

Certain impacts of colonialism can still be felt until today such as:

1. Economic Aspect
Under colonial rule, India often depended on great Britain for such things as technological advances and manufactured goods. Once it became independent, she slowly fell behind the rest of the world as it had to learn to no longer depend upon other countries bu must depend on herself.

2. Social Aspect
When India was colonized, the English language quicly spread and the indigenous languages of the natives began to be wiped out. In addition, the traditional culture of India was altered, taking on a more European style. With such changes, the newly independent country was forced to rediscover itself in a fast paced world. 

3. Political Aspect
The British introduced changes to India, such as saying that the Indians required to be civilized, and that British rule would remove Oriental despotism and anarchy and implement a reliable system of justice, the rule of law and the notion of 'fair play' to India.